When you think of rehabilitation, you don’t usually think of your chiropractor.

Did you know that at university chiropractors focus two years of their study on Rehabilitation? Rehabilitation is the process of returning to a healthy, optimal lifestyle. What this means in the musculoskeletal world is, when something doesn’t move the way it was designed to, we compensate and can develop poor patterns of movement. So the process of returning to a healthy, optimal way of life is to reduce those poor patterns and restore proper function. Rehabilitation has become a major part of the daily practices at ARC.

At ARC, we incorporate rehabilitation by showing you how to move, how to stretch and strengthen the weak areas. This is done one on one, in small group settings or in a medium size class of no more than 8 people in our body movement classes.


  • Aims to help restore function
  • Help you set goals to increase your potential
  • A therapist that not only helps walk you through your rehab but who’ll liase with the other therapist involved in your matters to help bring about the best outcomes


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